What Should You Do If You Experience Back Pain After a Car Accident?

Back pain is one of the most common car accident injuries. The worst part of this injury is that even minor back pain can stop you from getting back to your normal life. Severe spinal cord injuries, on the other hand, can result in paralysis or prolonged disability.

As a car accident victim with a painful upper or lower back, you have the right to claim compensation. Hiring a competent Beaverton car accident attorney like Marc Johnston will help you to prove that the accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence. You should be prompt in getting appropriate treatment and hiring an attorney. Doing so is crucial for protecting your health and rights. Read on to know more about back injuries resulting from car crashes.

What Kind of Back Injuries You May Develop Due to Car Accidents?

Upper Back Injury: This type of injury affects our thoracic spine and is typically serious. Strains, sprains, and other kinds of injuries around our thoracic spine may leave our nerves permanently damaged.

Lower Back Injury: Individuals with a lower back injury usually have a damaged lumbar spine. Strains, sprains, and other kinds of injuries around our lumbar spine can stop us from taking part in daily activities. The common symptoms of a lower back injury include bruising, tenderness, and swelling around the injured area. These, in turn, result in impaired movement.

Injury to the Spinal Cord: This is by far the most dangerous back injury resulting from auto accidents. Even if the injury is not too serious, you may experience symptoms like loss of sensation and reflex function. These symptoms are usually temporary if the injury is a mild one. A severe injury to our spinal cord can result in permanent disability.

Herniated Discs: We have a spinal disc between every vertebra. These discs work like shock absorbers or cushions. Vehicle collisions may cause displacement of one or more of these discs causing herniated discs. A herniated disc often pinches our nerves and results in severe lower back pain. You may also have pain in your legs.

What Should You Do If You Experience Back Pain After a Car Accident?

Irrespective of whether you have severe or mild back pain, you must visit a qualified doctor. He is the best person to examine your injuries and determine how serious it is. He may ask you to undergo tests like bone scans, CT scans, X-rays, EMG tests, CT scans, etc. for coming up with a perfect diagnosis.

Once the doctor knows what has actually happened, he will make a detailed treatment plan. If it’s a mild injury, you may need to take pain medications or undergo physical therapy for a few days. For treating severe back injuries, your doctor might recommend surgery.

Final Words

Once you get the right treatment, you should get in touch with a lawyer. A qualified and experienced Beaverton car accident attorney will help you to measure your damages more appropriately. He is the best person to find out how much compensation you should claim to cover your expenses. Your claim should include compensation for vehicle repairs, medical bills, lost wages, etc.