Slip and Fall

Some accidents that are impressive dangerous are the slip and fall accidents. These accidents send millions of persons to emergency rooms more often than other types of accidents. Depending on the severity of the injury, the victim may contact an attorney. To help them file a lawsuit against a property owner.

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What to do after a slip and fall accident

Collecting evidence to prove how the injuries occurred is important after the accident happen. There’s a possibility that the hazard was eliminated after the accident occurred. With that, the property owner can deny that the claims made to the establishment are false.

The victim should do these as soon as possible after the accident occurred:

  • A photo or video of the scene. One of the must important thing that the victim should do is take a photo or video. As said, the scene could be cleaned up or repair after the accident. If the victim is unable to take the photo or video, he or she should ask a friend or witness for the favor.
  • File a report to the competent establishment immediately after the accident or as soon as possible. These accidents reports will help you confirm what happened in the accident. And they’re going to send this report to the insurance company of the property owner. The victim should take a photo of the complete report. To prevent the insurance company from claiming that they never received one or the accident never happen.
  • Get names and numbers of any present witness. This witness would help you provide a strong evidence if the case goes to trial.
  • The victim should be open to the medical team about the injuries that occur in the accident. A medical report is necessary when you make a claim. And it’s going to be a good evidence if the case goes to trial.

Places where it can occur

A slip and fall accident can happen in the least place you can think of. But in some of these places this type of accidents occur more often. Some of them are:

  • Walking in a mall, store, or shopping center
  • In hospital buildings
  • In the house of a friend or a family member
  • While leaving a restaurant or a café
  • In a hotel or motel room
  • While running to take a bus or train
  • In a workplace
  • In school or colleges places

Some facts about these type of accidents

Since this type of accidents are so common. Some centers have made a list each year to collect the information. Some of this information is:

  • Three out of ten falls result in a broken bone or head injury
  • Over a 5 million of people are treated for this accident in emergency rooms each year
  • These type of accident are the cause of more than 90% of hips injuries.