5 Steps You Must Take Following a Motorcycle Accident

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists only account for 5% of drivers on the road. However, research indicates that fatal motorcycle accidents occurred 27 times more often when compared to car accidents. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, there are several things you must do, not only regarding your health and safety, but to get compensation too.

Get to Safety

In the immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident, you need to get to safety. Make sure you take note of your surroundings so you can determine whether you are in harm’s way, or if you have been badly injured. If you’re able to, you should get out of traffic and remove yourself from the road. Motorcycle Accidents can be deadly, so it’s vital you find a safe area before going forward.

Call Law Enforcement

Once you have gotten to safety, the next step is to call law enforcement. You must do this so you can report the accident. Depending on the nature of the motorcycle accident, police and medical aid may attend the scene. Once they arrive, you need to comply throughout, especially if you make a claim for your injuries. You can obtain a copy of the accident report which can serve as evidence in your case.

Collect Evidence

Alongside obtaining the accident report, there are other pieces of evidence you can collect which will strengthen your motorcycle accident claim. If you haven’t sustained major injuries and are in the right frame of mind to do so, taking photographs of the accident scene, writing notes, and swapping insurance details with the other driver is essential. If there were any witnesses, you may wish to speak to them or leave it up to the police. Any motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you that the more evidence you have, the better.

Find a Lawyer

Before you can file a motorcycle accident claim, you need to find a lawyer who can navigate you through the process. It can be difficult to find the right attorney, especially if there are many in your area. To narrow down the search, there are certain skills you need to look out for. All respected motorcycle accident attorneys will be excellent communicators, confident in their abilities, and use effective time management strategies to get you justice and compensation. When attending initial consultations, you should know within seconds whether the lawyer is right for your case.

Look After Yourself

Motorcycle accident cases can run for many months (or even years), so you need to prioritize your health and wellbeing along the way. You need to have a clear mindset and follow the case from start to finish, so getting enough sleep, watching what you eat, and following your doctor’s orders is important. There will be ups and downs during your case, so having an experienced attorney who puts your mind at ease can reduce any stress and anxiety you’re experiencing.

While some people may only escape a motorcycle accident with cuts and bruises, others may sustain catastrophic injuries that affect your day-to-day life. Whatever injuries you have, make sure you follow the steps above.